2021 Image Gallery

If you have taken images at Church Functions that you would like included on the Gallery, please send them to fbugeja@ozemail.com.au
Images should be unedited images (jpg) from your camera. Please include a commentary for your images.

What are we doing during the COVID19 lockdown?

The current COVID19 lockdown has severely limited who we can see, what we can do and where we can go. It certainly has changed the way we live out each day. However, on a positive note, are you doing something during lockdown that you would like fellow parishioners to know about (gardening, oil painting, woodworking, etc)? It may be something that you are doing for the first time because you now have the time to do it! If you are interested, then send one unedited image of your activity, a brief summary of your activity, and your name, and it will be uploaded to this page. Send your image and commentary to fbugeja@ozemail.com.au.

Parishioners: Leslie, Paul, Diana & Tony. Leslie and Paul Wyatt with Diana and Tony enjoying a picnic at Thirlmere Lakes, on a very beautiful spring afternoon.

Leslie, Paul, Diana & Tony at Thirlmere Lakes

Parishioners: Don & John. Don & John are enjoying a tea break. They were cleaning up/cutting dead branches to remove the fire hazard in the next paddock. Thanks to both!

Don & John

Parishioner: Sr Cathy. The pigeon on the wires from my front verandah to the road.


Parishioner: Don. Shhhhh! Didn’t someone say you can’t hug friends during lockdown? But this friend is a family member living in the front paddock suffering a mid-life crisis, having a 5.5metre girth at age 100-120 years old!

Don Turvey ... hugging tree

Parishioner: Tony & Fr Peter. Tony is tending the roses on the parish grounds so that we can enjoy their beauty when they bloom. Fr. Peter is looking forward to seeing everyone, as he misses his parishioners.

Tony & Fr Peter

Parishioner: Cathy. This is a Facetime call with my daughter, Aimee. This is our way of staying connected, as I’m not seeing her due to COVID lockdown restrictions. As usual, my dog Duncan likes to be part of it!

Cathy's Daughter & dog Duncan

Cathy's daughter Aimee and pet dog Duncan

Parishioner: Frank. I have always been a keen gardener but, because of lockdown restrictions, I am spending more time on gardening. Native trees such as eucalypts and grevilleas are a favourite of mine and these attract birds such as rainbow lorikeets. I have now taken up photographing them. A lot of patience is required as lorikeets are wary of humans, but with my camera and zoom lens I am usually able to get good close-ups from a reasonable distance without frightening them away. I am looking forward to photographing in local botanic gardens when lockdown ends!

Rainbow Lorikeet

Rainbow Lorikeet

Soup & Damper Night - Saturday 12 June, 2021

Soup & Damper Night - Saturday 12 June, 2021

To help celebrate the feast of Saint Anthony (13 June), a Soup & Damper Night was held in the Administration Centre after the Saturday Night Vigil Mass on 12 June. The night was well attended and thanks go to all involved in the organisation of the night.

Images: Frank Bugeja